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Hi, Cindy here again, with Vick and Yogesh.

We just wanted welcome you to Videtar and personally congratulate you on taking action today.

You have made a very smart move and you have now taken a huge step towards achieving true financial freedom.

In just minutes from now, you’ll be able to have your first live video stream going with just a few clicks of your mouse...

...and you’ll be well on your way to HUNDREDS of page #1 rankings and all the free traffic you want.

With the software you’ve just purchased, you have everything you need to get top rankings and traffic, but there are some limitations. For example, you can only five YouTube channels with the version you have right now...

For many users, that is probably no big deal…

But if you plan to use Videtar to get traffic in multiple niches, or for multiple clients…...

or you just don’t like the idea of having any limitations at all because you want to get the most out of Videtar, then you’ll want to get this upgrade right now.

UNLIMITED Traffic Features & MORE!


Basic accounts can do 50 keyword searches a day, but you'll have all limits removed allowing you to do unlimited keyword searches any time you want, getting you faster results and access to the BEST keywords available


Remove the five-youtube-channel limit and connect unlimited YouTube accounts and channels distributing more videos to a much wider audience a LOT faster and easier


Your account, as it is right now ... can use 50 images a day, but with our Pro Upgrade today you can unlock the ability to import unlimited Pixabay images directly into your videos for more exciting and engaging results


Regular accounts can use the embed code to distribute up to 10,400 webpages.  Pro can distribute EACH video instantly onto 80,000 popular webpages for 8 times the backlinks and traffic!

YT Downloads

Increase the maximum number of YouTube video downloads from 25 per day, to unlimited as a pro member

Vid Renders

Basic members can create a maximum of 25 videos per day - pro members remove all limits 


Want to put your logo on more than the basic level of 25 videos?  You can, with pro!

Live Streams

The absolute power of the system is in your hands with pro, letting you go from 10 live stream uploads to unlimited

And A Collection Of Irresistable Bonuses...

Watch The Demo Video Below To See Inside Your PRO Level Membership 

Unlimited Keyword Searches, Unlimited Channel Connections, Unlimited Image Searches, 80,000 Backlinks & Live Support Via Skype...


Get the full tour below...

Watch the short demo video showcasing the pro members only features found in Videtar Pro

Here's Exactly What You'll Receive When You Upgrade To Videtar Pro Today!

Unlimited Keyword Searches

Regular members can do a maximum of 50 searches per day

As a pro member you'll be able to search as much as you want, any time you want traffic - NO LIMITS. 

You’ll be able to profit faster and discover a wider range of high traffic search terms without any restrictions. 

Unlimited YouTube Accounts/Channels

All account limits are removed, so you can connect UNLIMITED YouTube accounts and UNLIMITED YouTube channels instead of a maximum of 5. 

You'll be able to get traffic in more niches, or completely dominate your target niche from multiple angles getting much more FREE traffic and even higher rankings than our regular, basic members. 

Unlimited Live Streams 

With the pro access to unlimited YouTube accounts and unlimited channel additions, we want you to benefit from this even more - but allowing you to broadcast your videos using YouTube Live on as many different channels as you choose!  

This is PERFECT if you're worried about people seeing the same video showed over and over on the same channel ... and it looking a little weird, you'll be able to fill your channel with multiple videos or spread them around and make it look much more natural. 

Complete White Glove Treatment

  • Premium access to top level support
  • Direct via Skype any time you need it
  • Contact us for ANY issues for live help

Our system is easy to use and get set up for most people, but if you're the slightest bit of a technophobe... or have run into technical issues online before then this upgrade is 100% for you.  

You'll get direct access to our support team to connect with via Skype for help any time you need it, on any issues you have, with the software or set up - ensuring you are never left wondering how to get traffic using this groundbreaking system.

8 Times The Embed Traffic!

The absolute cherry on the cake - that keeps your traffic growing and building is with our embed traffic tool.  Basic members get to share 10,400 links - which will get you a decent amount of traffic... however... pro members get to a whopping 80,000 embed links for a LOT more clicks

Unlimited Downloads, Rebrands & Renders

All account limits are removed, so you can connect UNLIMITED YouTube accounts and UNLIMITED YouTube channels instead of a maximum of 5. 

You'll be able to get traffic in more niches, or completely dominate your target niche from multiple angles getting much more FREE traffic and even higher rankings than our regular, basic members. 

Unlimited Image Searches

Use Pixabay to it's full potential by using as many targeted/relevant images directly from the worlds largest, most easily accessible royalty free image search engine.  Regular members can use 25 images each day, pro get unlimited. 

Unlimited Live Streams

The live stream feature is going to be the difference between having a video few people see - and getting it in front of everyone immediately.  Pro members can do an unlimited number of live streams, compared to the basic level (only 10) 

PLUS: For The Ultimate Advantage We're Also Including These Pro Only Bonuses!

BONUS #1: Pro Only Live Mastermind Case Study Training Series

You'll get a pro-only invite to our regular mastermind training series, where we share the latest techniques that are working for us and our top members.  These are live training sessions available only to pro members

BONUS #2: Video Background Library

Access our entire video background collection with more than 200 different backgrounds that you can use to make each and every video you create unique and professional looking in a snap. 

These are all included in your members dashboard, as part of your pro upgrade today

BONUS #3: Complete Audio Library

Unlock the entire audio file collection with 522 (and more coming...) different audio tracks to add into any of your videos - so you can bring life to any video :) 

These will also be added into your pro members dashboard

Before I Share The Exclusive Pricing Offer We Have For You
(Only Available From THIS Page)
Let’s Recap Exactly What You’re Getting Inside:

  • The ability to search an unlimited number of keywords
  • Connect an unlimited number of YouTube accounts
  • Publish your videos on an unlimited number of channels
  • Download unlimited YouTube videos, brand unlimited videos with your logos
  • Upgrade to get 8 times the amount of embed traffic (10,400-80,000!)
  • Use an unlimited number of Pixabay images and searches for your videos
  • Get direct access via Skype to our top level support team
  • Access to the Pro-members only live mastermind calls (Bonus #1) 
  • Unlimited access to our massive built-in video background collection (Bonus #2) 

With Opportunity Like This & Everything I Have Packed Inside

(And The Amazing Price You’re About To Discover)
This Might Seem Like It’s Too Good To Be True.

And if you secure your membership today, you’ll lock in your special VIP member’s discount at this special introductory offer . That said, you’re also free to cancel your membership at any time and you’ll never be billed again...

And you still get to keep all of those videos you've created making traffic for you, building backlinks and getting even more ongoing traffic to whatever links you've set up with Videtar pro. 

The decision is yours.

ACT NOW because...

...As I said this VIP member’s special is very time limited.

You will never see this offer again.

And you will certainly not see everything included here at such a low a price, ever again!

If you want to fast track your way to affiliate stardom, there’s only one thing left to do...

Take action today and... 

Click The Button Below To Claim Your Videtar Pro System Today!


Videtar Pro

One Time Purchase

Videtar Pro One time Fee


Videtar Pro Annual

Thank you again putting your trust in Videtar and our entire team and for taking the time to read this letter, we greatly appreciate it. But more so, we're excited for you to start getting the results you deserve.

Talk to you soon,
Cindy, Vick & Yogesh (the Videtar team!) 

P.S. The primary characteristic of high income earners and successful business owners is that they have the ability to make quick decisions and act on an opportunity as soon as it presents itself. If that makes sense, you should upgrade today while this incredible offer is still available!

P.P.S. You Must Take Action Now - before it's too LATE! If you leave this page and attempt to come back later, this One-Time-Offer will be gone forever! Your IP is registered and it is not possible to get access to this page again. I can only guarantee that it is still available right this very second. Don't delay!

P.P.P.S. Remember, you have absolutely nothing at risk with my special "no questions" asked 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason what so ever, you'll get back every penny of your purchase. It's an amazing deal and it's 100% risk free. There is no reason to wait, click the button to upgrade today! 

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